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Just like us, sometimes kids need help regaining and maintaining healthy balance. Pediatric acupuncture can help provide that without resorting to pharmaceuticals and often-stigmatizing diagnoses. Instead, dialogue, nutritional and lifestyle planning, stretching techniques, and therapeutic massage provide kids (and parents) with individualized choices that encourage awareness of bodies, needs, strengths, and good habits.

Initial appointments are approximately 45 minutes to an hour for $80 – $120. Like all treatments at Common Source, pay the amount that you feel is affordable for you. You get the same attention regardless of what you pay. Follow-up treatments are 10-30 minutes for $20 – $40.


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To set up a first appointment, email Nicole at
or text (734) 926-9410.





What is treatment like?

It doesn’t have to be needles. In fact, needles are almost never used for pediatrics at Common Source Acupuncture. Techniques like shoni shin, Chinese massage and cupping activate a child’s energetic channels to balance their energy without being scary and invasive.

Initial treatments last 45 – 60 minutes. A thorough health history is taken and an individualized treatment plan is developed for your child. Depending on your child’s needs, treatments using shoni shin, massage, and cupping will be used. As often as possible, parents will be encouraged to learn techniques to continue treatments at home.

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**Diet and lifestyle play a major role in health and dietary changes/suggestions will be a large focus of the treatment and healing plan, especially in the first visit. This is the most vital aspect of treatment, since it sets the trends not only for healing but for living a healthy life.**


Why try pediatric acupuncture?

As compliments to conventional pediatric care, acupuncture, shoni shin, cupping, and holistic nutritional guidance offer effective means to address imbalances without resorting to pharmaceuticals or invasive treatments. At Common

Source, our pediatrics focus on helping parents and children to get healthy and learn techniques for self-care that will give them control over their own health and bodies.


What can pediatric acupuncture treat?

allergies asthma
coughs and colds
tummy aches
ear infections
body pains
and more!!


Is there a minimum age to get treated?

Nope! Acupuncture is great for newborns! Many kids start getting Chinese massage and shoni shin in the first few months after birth!


How often should we come?

The general recommendation is to start with a minimum of 6 visits. If your child is severely ill (for example with chronic severe asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, severe autism, etc) planning for 12 visits is recommended at first. Please note that pediatric acupuncture is best used as a preventative medicine. This means bi-weekly or monthly well visits are highly encouraged even after your child’s initial condition is taken care of. Pediatric acupuncture should be considered at the very onset of a cold, sore throat, fever or earache. With children diseases move fast and it is very important to be pro-active. We will work together to teach your child to know how their body feels at the first signs of illness.

To make an initial appointment email Nicole at or text (734) 926-9410.